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Stop Shooting Black People

Stop Shooting Black People

100% of proceeds from this design will got to, which is a tool that will be very important, even after the international attention fades. @raheem_org is an independent site that allows people to report police misconduct. ⠀

In their first 100 days, RAHEEM helped 2,400 people report police encounters and tied more than 275 officers to cases of misconduct. When people report police to RAHEEM, they recieve help getting justice and healing by connecting them with a lawyer for free, opening an investigation against the officer, or publicizing their story with media partnerships.⠀

I've met RAHEEM's founder last year, and very quickly how commited he is to the cause. They are raising money to turn the site into an app, which will have new features including alerting/live streaming your police encounters to your friends for accountability, and using voice recognition to identify officers. ⠀

This shirt is available at tag a friend who would love this shirt #BLESS #blacklivesmatter #blm
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  • Yes! this is great, Only thing left to decide is whether to get the yellow or orange…


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