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Social Media is Fast Food

Social Media is Fast Food

Fast food is cheap, quick, and convenient, and when you're hungry, it's an easy choice. Despite that, it isn't very nutritious and nourishing, and too much of it will take a toll on you. The same goes for social media, it's cheap, quick and convenient, and when you're hungry for connection, it's an easy choice, but just the same, it'll take its toll on you. Things can be good and bad, we don't have to take sides, we just have to be more aware. Social media isn't, and shouldn't be your therapist. There's a lot of noise on here, and you have some control in curating how much of that noise you're exposed to. I don't have social media on the phone I carry around. I have it on an older phone that never leaves home. Sure, my community of Handsome Friends don't get live updates of everything I'm doing and everywhere I am, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. I want my social media existence to add value to people's lives, but not at the expense of my own. This year, re-evaluate your relationship with social media, and make some environmental changes so you're not spending as much time here as you used to. That may include following fewer people, not using your phone as an alarm clock, and really paying attention to how scrolling through a timeline feed affects your mood. Social media, like fast food, is here to stay, but that doesn't mean it's your only option. #BLESS

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