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Everytime I begin to fall into the pit of despair and self pity, a little voice chimes in and asks, "will this help?". Everyone reading this caption has gone through some shit, and often that shit is of no fault of our own, but how we handle that shit moving forward is the difference between that shit getting worse or better. I realized complaining, self pity, and telling the world I'm a victim, though comforting, doesn't really help. I don't advocate for people to always think positive, I just want them ask if thinking negative is going to improve things at all.
We live in a time where complaining is the rage. You can say something online and feel like you've made a difference. Maybe you called someone out in the comment section, or RT'd a world atrocity, or cancelled someone on twitter. All of that can help people feel noticed and useful, but when the little voice asks "will this help?" the answer is never a simple yes (but for some, a long winded justification of yes may work). I want things to be better in my life, and that starts with what's in my control; my attitude and my effort. Even the act of faking a smile will improve the way we feel a little bit, if we hold it long enough. Sometimes instead of venting online, we can put down the device and go for a long walk, or do 30 calf raises, or spend some time, energy, love and money on somebody else, because if we can't make ourselves feel better, let's at least help someone else. "Will it help?" is a great question, and if you answered no, and still proceed to cuddle with the comforts of self pity, then at least you know you're exercising your power to be where you are. Self pity is addictive and dangerous, and the quicker we realize this, the better off we'll be. 📸 : @sammcroberts
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