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See a Singh, Salute a Singh

See a Singh, Salute a Singh

It was in #Brixton years ago, I attended a B-boy competition with @therealnihal. We were on stage, part of the cypher, watching some of the greatest dancers in the world defy the rules of gravity, and remind everyone why Hip Hop is the greatest music to ever exist. In the crowd of thousands, I spotted a fellow Singh and gave him a salute of acknowledgement. You see, I've always stood out, not because there aren't plenty of guys with Turbans & Beards, but there just aren't as many interested in the same things as me, so I rarely see them in the places I'm in. Nihal noticed the exchange and excitedly asked, "Did I just witness the Singh Salute!?" to which I replied, "yea man, You see a Singh, you salute a Singh". That eventually became a Shirt I wore in the #LEH video, and the rest was history. There are Singhs beyond Punjabi sardars, and in #Trinidad, the message was just as enthusiastically received. This shirt went viral, bootlegs showed up in India, UK and Australia, and honestly, I don't care if y' all bootleg it, I just want you to enjoy it. When I was young, being a Singh felt like a burden, I'm proud that I grew out of that insecurity, and converted it into something worth celebrating. I'm sure everyone reading this has something they feel insecure about as well that needs celebrating, let's make it happen. #BLESS

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  • I salute you!

    Lynsey Truhlicka
  • I need this in my life. 😻

    Nadine Singh

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