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Pretend You're Not Scared

Pretend You're Not Scared

We don't act after we overcome the fear. We overcome the fear by acting. We don't act after we find motivation, we find motivation from acting. Stop waiting for better conditions to make better conditions, get moving now. It's not rocket science, you're not making moves because you're scared, and that's okay; acknowledge it, adjust from it, and start moving again. Growth happens in those areas that scare us the most, so expect a life of growth to be a life of uncertainty and discomfort; an easy day at the gym is a bad day at the gym, an easy day in life won't bring us much growth either. The people that do amazing things aren't any more special than you and me, they just took another step, and let the next step follow. What do you want to do? How can you take the next step DESPITE the fear you're facing? I believe once you start, you'll build all the momentum, bravery and motivation you'll ever need. #BLESS

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