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People Just Want to Matter

People Just Want to Matter

I think about the times my heart was smashed the hardest and when I strip away the details and stop feeling sorry for myself, what's left is a moment when I felt like I wasn't worth much. We're hurt when we're made to feel unnecessary, replaceable, and not valuable at the hands of others. In #Hollywood, there's no shortage of people and entities to remind you that no matter what you've accomplished, you still ain't sh*t compared to the megastars across the hall. Social media has the same effect; we're looking at other people's carefully crafted images, and even though we fake that same funk, their pretend-happiness, and achievements of the day get us questioning our worth. Self-esteem is a monstrous motivator behind why we do or don't do things. I can't tell you how to feel better about yourself while climbing the ladder in the entertainment industry, or how to always feel worth it when you're flipping through your news feed. What I can tell you is that you're not the only one feeling like that, and although we don't have the power to force people to make us feel like we matter, we do have the power to remind others of their worth. We have the power to send someone a message right now and let them know they matter, and we appreciate all that they are. That can be someone we live with, work with, or even simply follow online. Let's not do it in hopes that others will start gassing up our self-esteem, that's not sustainable. Instead, let's find the happiness that comes from expressing gratitude and appreciation. You may not be the centre of the universe, but you matter as a part of it. You are no more or less important than a polar bear's toenail, or the sun. Most importantly, you can use your existence to spread light and love to others in need of it. #BLESS
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