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Papa Poet

Papa Poet

Whenever my mother is annoyed with me, she says, "you're just like your dad". I still don't see it, but I'll take her word for it. I'm sure we're both stubborn, and that complicates our relationships, but that stubbornness has kept us both around much longer than others. #PapaPoet drove a cab for 30 years, while keeping his master's degree in economics in his back pocket; he never got a chance to realize the benefits of his education. It's the reason he stressed education on his 3 kids, and dayuuum, do we have a lot of educations. More important than the 2 degrees I don't use anymore is the lust for learning I developed, that's made me a life long learner. When you want to learn, then life becomes the classroom, and I've been able to make a wonderful living sharing the lessons I learned with the rest of my tribe (that's all of you Handsome Friends). Our parents' generation doesn't have the most tools, and as I get older I'm starting to see the tools I didn't have that my neices and nephews will have access to, that can be seen as a challenge, but also something to be excited about. Greater than ourselves, as a family, we are building upon the last. Pops gets to live life on his terms in his 60's now, I'm doing it in my 30's, and I'm hoping to set up the kids in my tribe to do it even earlier. There's level to this hustle game, and if we implement the immigrant grind, we'll be unstoppable. I want to thank my father for sharing that with me, and the best way to thank him is to keep the momentum going. He doesn't care about the industry I'm in, he's far too evolved. His priorities are his garden and grandkids, I can only hope to get to that point. #BLESS

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