Only Through Love Will We Realize the Eternal

Growing up in a Sikh household, I was always exposed to a version of the 10th guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, as this militaristic leader, who fought wars against unjust rulers, lost his father to murder at 9, lost his 4 sons to murder, and established the martial spirit of what it means to be a Saint Soldier. 

As a kid, this understanding came from pictures and stories my mother shared, but it wasn't until I got older, did I get to take a deeper dive into his writings and get to see another side. He spoke many languages including Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi, Braj, Gurmukhi and Persian, and that's clear in his poetic writings. He did more to ensure his father's writings were preserved than his own, and despite the horses, weapons and warfare. His writings still declared that love was the only path to reconnect with the eternal. 

Sikhi is a beautiful philosophy and way of life, and although it took me years to shed the dogmatic versions passed down to me in my childhood, I'm grateful we reconnected later in my life. I find so much beauty in the Sikh principles of meditating on truth and serving others, and although the mainstream view relates to turbans and beards, a Sikh is so much more. Sikh means student, and the writings and wisdom of the Guru's are what help Sikhs find more light from their darkness. 

Moving forward, the birth of the 10th guru will be recognized as Jan 5th, so this year let's say farewell to all the funky calculations of trying to match the Lunar calendar date to the Gregorian. 

Happy Belated Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Jayanthi, may we all remember our greatest enemies live within, and our strongest weapon is our LOVE. 
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