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My Hustle Family

My Hustle Family

Whenever I come home and talk to friends and family about what life in #Hollywood must be like, their ideas are always over the top. They don't realize that we gave up 9-5s to work 24/7, the isolation, the constant doubt, and not to mention the efforts of others to monkey-wrench our dreams.
I'm lucky because I'm in the middle of the pack. I can watch @Lilly, take notes and have an idea of what awaits me as my movement and community grows. I watch @chasinglife, and @thesandylion, who are newer to this adventure, and realize how far I've come, and the insights I can share with them.
Knowing how far we've come from where we were is worth appreciating. The growth doesn't seem like a lot because it comes in micro-baby-steps, but over time it adds up. We all left the zoo to enter the jungle, and there's a bunch of freedom, but it's also scary and dangerous. The longer we stick with it, the more we have a chance to find familiarity in the jungle and swing through with ease like some sort of Hustling Tarzan, but the bullshit never goes away.
Those who never left the comforts of the familiar can easily judge from the safety of their cages, and all I can do is hope one day they see things beyond their own scope; maybe step into the shoes of someone else. The only real winning we have on this adventure is the opportunity to work harder. The billboard looks great on social media, but it represents 18 hour days, and arrows being shot at you from all angles.
This is my hustle family; we win together, we lose together, we're all in different stages of our journey, but we all understand that you can't skip steps because every step is essential. I know there are hustlers, artists, and dream chasers reading this. Please, do the work, share your experiences, choose inspiration over jealousy, and be of service to others. All we got is each other. #BLESS

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