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Money comes and goes, friends come and go.. time just goes

Money comes and goes, friends come and go.. time just goes

I recieved a message once from a family member of a fan letting me know they played my song 'Goodbye' at her funeral. When you think about making art and having a fanbase, you never think about the idea that you may outlive some of them. Imagine a world were people were as violently protective of their time as they were their bank accounts. •
We all know we don't have infinite time on this planet, nor do any of us know exactly how much time we have left, yet we act, stress, and dilly dally like we'll be here forever. Thinking about death can cause existential dread, it's a trip for the brain to process it's own ending, but we all know it's coming. •
I don't feel remembering death means I have to work harder at my job, or faster to accomplish my goals. Instead, I feel the awareness that my time is limited is a gift that allows me to decide what's really important, and what really deserves my time. It makes people uncomfortable when I remind them that either of us can go at any moment, and I think that discomfort is worth exploring. •
There's a freedom in knowing that all our movies end the same way, so not to worry much about the end credit scene, but instead to write our scripts any way we want, because we're holding the pen. Realize there's nothing more important than your time, and you show people and things their importance by sharing that time with them, so spend it wisely. How do you like spending time, and with who? Let me know in the comments. #BLESS •
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