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Learning if a life-long journey

Learning if a life-long journey

I, just like you, am a teacher to some, and a student to many. I have a lot to share, but way more to learn, and that's how it'll be until I breathe my last bearded breath. Life is all trial and error, and finding value in our experiences is the definition of wisdom. You can ask for all the advice in the world my handsome friend, but eventually, you've just gotta start moving and make shit happen. What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa; life isn't one size fits all. Social media has us comparing our behind the scenes to the highlight reels of others, and even though we play that same game of manufactured moments, we still believe everything we see. Our time here is limited, so see it for the adventure it is, and go out and make some mistakes, they're our greatest teachers. Once you make enough mistakes, feel free to share them with others, not just in hopes that they avoid making those same mistakes, but so they don't feel so isolated if they still do. Don't simply follow others, including me; seek what they seek instead. Your unique perspective on life is valuable and the world will benefit when you share it. #BLESS

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