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Keep Your Mind Open

Keep Your Mind Open

My mom would always share that analogy with me, but she made it about God and his blessings. I added a little bit to it in the same spirit. The winds are always blowing, but that doesn't matter if our sails aren't open to catch it. It's the same with our minds. There are so many beautiful things in this world for us, but if we're closed off to them, we won't see them in plain sight. Having an open mind doesn't always lead to more happiness, it means thinking more critically, and respecting that other people see life differently than you, whether that's a Trump supporter or someone who actually liked the finale of GOT. Being open to ideas different than what we have, and have been taught, can go a long way to helping us expand our minds and enrich this experience called life. With an open mind, comes the power to change perspective, which in turn gives us the power to handle so many more challenges that are thrown our way. Also remember, you're better off seeking these challenges so you're more prepared to deal with them because if you spend a lifetime avoiding them, they'll sneak up on you at the worst times. Be open, and practice that swing now for when life throws the curveballs. #BLESS
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