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Keep it Moving

Keep it Moving

Blame your parents, blame your ex, blame your shady betraying friends, blame Trump, blame capitalism, blame culture, blame religion, blame society, blame the patriarchy, blame racism, blame consumerism, blame climate change, blame Mercury in retrograde (whatever that means), blame God.. and so forth and so on.

The list of things we can blame is almost never ending, but we have to remember that assigning blame is also resigning power. That power is what's crucial for things to get better. Yes, I continue to experience racism, but I won't give it power to stop me, because it has no impact on my efforts and attitude, those are always in my control, and as long as I exercise that power, it really doesn't matter what attempts to get in my way. ⁣
This level of ownership is tricky when we've spent so much time in the comfort of the self-pity and victim mindset. Social media is a playground for self-pity and we'll only spiral further. We want things to get better, and now we have a platform to complain about it, without actually doing anything about it. The inconvenient truth is LIFE ISN'T FAIR; NEVER HAS BEEN, NEVER WILL BE. Everyone starts in different places, but we're not in competition with each other, we're only in competition with our former selves, meaning the only person that allows you to win or lose the proverbial race is.. drum roll.... YOU. ⁣
The inequities of the world exist, and I'm not here to pretending "suck it up" applies to many of the world's injustices. My message is directed to people like you and I. People who have enough education to read english, and enough money to read this caption on a device with internet access. For us, there is no excuse why we can't make our lives better every day, if even by a micro-step; that progress will add up. ⁣
⁣If we want more, we have to do more. We're either making progress or excuses. Please keep fighting the good fight to ensure all get justice, but until that justice arrives (often in 3-4 business generations). We gotta keep it moving. #BLESS
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