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Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh

I've known @jagmeetsingh since I was a teenager, and he's always been in it to fight. I've seen him fight racist bullies, tough guys who thought they could get away with disrespecting women, and anyone else who thought picking on those who couldn't defend themselves was okay. Jagmeet trained in martial arts, and as the bullies evolved so did he. He got into criminal law to ensure the most vulnerable of us weren't bullied by a system that isn't designed to help the underprivileged, and then, even though I encouraged him not to, he jumped into politics.
For me most politicians are the people who pretend to be everyone's friend; they promise you the world, and once they get what they want, they forget you. Jagmeet laughed at my concerns and said, "brother I'm just here to fight". He turned his office into a community centre, and now when people got into his face with racism, or misguided energy, he smiled and hit them with a smile and offered them love in return. Even as a fighter, he never operates from a place a fear, only love.

We went on a long walk the day he told me he was running for leadership. Again, I thought it was a bad idea, and he assured me, it was the best way to elevate the fight. At this level, the bullies don't use their fists. They use their money, misinformation & political influence to beat you down. He took it all with a smile, relishing the opportunity to learn new things on this new level.
Today #Canada gets to vote for new leadership, and I respect that everyone has their own priorities and different parties align with them, but as a person, they don't make them realer than Jagmeet. I encourage anyone interested in politics to study this man, because that's the cloth I wish all politicians are cut from moving forward, regardless of what team you play on.
I'm proud and inspired of you brother, congratulations on taking the good fight to the big stage. Thank you for reminding me that we have to run towards the uncomfortable spaces to grow and always fight the good fight. Also thank you for always carrying yourself with class and royalty, it means I never have correct anyone when they mistake me for you. #BLESS
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