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It's Called Garbage Can, Not Garbage Cannot

It's Called Garbage Can, Not Garbage Cannot

either we're making progress, or we're scared. All the excuses we make is just eloquent ways to express that fear. We don't feel ready, we don't feel pretty enough, we don't feel deserving enough, are all fear manifests. Fear don't get overcome, they get worked around until they stop becoming an issue. If we hang out with scared people, it'll rub off on us. That's why confidence is so sexy and intriguing. Watching someone do something we want to do, but didn't have to stones to try, makes us want to see if they triumph or crash and burn. The reality is, they won the moment they took that step. There are so many geniuses, and world class people reading this caption, but their potential is unrealized because they're scared. Scared of not getting enough likes, scared of reading a hateful comment, scared of disappointing their parents or bringing shame to their culture. So much fear it's a fucking disease, being passed down generation to generation, masked as a necessary tool for survival; it's not. I challenge everyone reading this to write down some of those fears holding you back, and pick one to work around today, anything, big or small. Motivational quotes and inspirational bearded rhymers can only take you so far, get the fuck up and make something happen, I believe in you, I'm excited to see you kill'it! #LOVE

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