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250,000,000 people are now involved in the #FarmerProtest, that makes this the LARGEST in all of human history. Farmers and worker unions in other parts of #India have joined in solidarity, understanding that although these new Bills may not impact them directly, that we're all in this together. This is both a beautiful and frustrating moment in our collective history.

Depending on the news you watch, these Farmers are either heroes or terrorists, how the stories are being framed to the rest of the world is an important strategy in winning these conflicts. This isn't exclusive to India, you saw Trump refer to anti-facists protests as ANTIFA, because it sounds scarier. Governments, through the media they control, use fear to keep people divided and confused, because when people are united and informed, minorities become majorities, and they can rock the whole planet.

Again, THIS IS THE LARGEST PROTEST IN HUMAN HISTORY, and you're alive to witness it. So often these protesters are met with extreme violence, and everything is done to erase their story from the history books (Good luck finding any info on #TiananmenSquare on #TikTok).

If you're reading this, you have the power to preserve this moment in history. With the sheer size of this movement, something's gotta give, but 🇮🇳 has a well documented history in handling these horrifically and using their power to change the narrative, so they're the heroes and farmers are the villains, I pray that doesn't happen this time.

Again, I come from a lineage of farmers from both Rajasthan and Punjab, this matters to me, I'm not here to force it to matter to you, but just to let you know, as another intense moment of 2020 you're witnessing history, these are people like you, just trying their best to do what they can with what they have. You can get involved in any way that you want, donate, share words of support, create art, get your boots on the ground and march; be a part of this historical moment.

If you ate today, thank a farmer. #ISTANDWITHFARMERS
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