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How to Be More Authentic

How to Be More Authentic

I remember tossing an 🍊 to a friend and they caught it at a weird angle. Immediately they said "okay throw it again" and this time pulled out their phone to record the not-so-random moment. alone, It's harmless, but it's on the spectrum of the things we do for the camera. I know couples who have long since broken up, but have to pretend to be together because they have brand partnerships and $$$ to be made. 

I don't want to judge any of this, I really don't, but I also don't want to get sucked into it, because I'm not immune to the temptations of attention. I know posting pictures of my family will get me a shot of validation and dopamine, and then I may want to do it again, but it can go from harmless to harmful very quickly and quietly. The next thing you know I'm wearing a fake beard, with a fake girlfriend, an instagram cute dog, creating a fake ass life. 

For me, and me alone, I need to head in the direction of authenticity, this was something I realized back in university, when a job working for a party promoter required me to be a social butterfly and be friends with people I didn't particularly care for. I quit the job realizing that being anything other than myself isn't sustainable. 

You guys have blessed me with a large community that only asks that I keep posting thoughts that help everyone sort out their shit, that means I don't have to wear my fake beard for photoshoots as often, I enjoy being on stage, but not really performing for a camera. I respect that it's different for others, and they love it; my back hurts too much to do #TikTok dances. 

I'm aiming to leave social media by the end of 2021, in the 13 months until then, I'm going to work on building a community of beardos in ways that doesn't need us to jump into social media. The first steps have started at (link in bio). this might result in a loss of opportunities, $$, and attention, but it allows me to keep it real with myself, which I think is more valuable in the long run. 
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