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Happy Vomittimes Day

Happy Vomittimes Day

We loathe loneliness so much, love becomes something we lust/⁣ We was settling like the dust when one of us/ ⁣
would grab the other's heart And beat it like it stole something/
Then give it back And act like they ain't even hold nothing/
The truth is, we just f*ckin scared/
To die alone, but love don’t help us die in pairs… So why the fear?/
Every new girl I met, made me see a side of me 
That previously I never met; amazing's what was hiding here!/
Yea, I cried some tears, C’mon who wouldn’t
Getting jerked up out my comfort zone 
Wasn’t pleasant I couldn’t bear/
A life lacking security or certainty/
Now I’m an addict of adventure; a 180 certainly/ 
Only CHANGE is constant, I’m sure you're changing too/
For the better, but what I’m saying is I can’t change WITH you/
It’s gotten old for sure, always standing toe to toe
Competing with our speeches, but for me to grow, I gotta go/

Happy Vomittimes Day

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