Happy Birthday Muhammed Ali

I got this #MuhammadAli tattoo back in the spring as a gift to myself after a successful launch of #Unlearn, it took 6 hours to complete, and after the first 15 minutes I was ready to tap out. I'm glad I sucked it up, because it turned out much more beautiful than I could imagine. 

Most of us know Muhammad Ali as a boxer, but he was so much more than that. He was a student, and an activist, and someone willing to give it all up for what he believed in. He learned early that his purpose was much bigger than being a World Champion, and spent a lot time and his own money serving and bettering the lives of others. He wasn't flawless, and he didn't leave the ring, or life, undefeated, but those are the types of heroes we need, onces that put it all out there, and hold their head high no matter the outcome. 
He passed in 2016, and his last fight was around the time I was born, but his impact has lasted well beyond that. Today would be his 77th birthday, and in his life, asides from the Gold medals, and 3 heavyweight championships (which were stripped from him because of his anti-war stance), he help feed an estimated 22 million people impacted by hunger. He also secured the release of 15 US hostages in Iraq in 1990, and lobbied for the US to get involved in ending the Rwandan genocide. 

My brother @jesseitzler reminded me that "it's always about the people" and Muhammad Ali walked the talk, put people first, and devoted his life to leaving the earth better than he found it. This picture of a young #CassiusClay always intrigued me, knowing that this boy would grow into something beyond greatness. Bless your heart King. 
Artist: _@mashkow_ 
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  • Your tattoo came through my Google Alerts on Muhammad Ali. It’s great. He’s influencing a lot of our art. I’m working on an article for Songfacts,com. If you know any song that should be on my list, please let me know. I will give you credit, especially if you write one or two sentences about it! Have a great 2020!

    Anne Leighton

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