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Goodbyes Can Be Hard

Goodbyes Can Be Hard

As we go through times of change and challenge, a lot of the things we took for granted are now front and centre state; the people, the privileges, the freedoms, all have been restricted and because of that we notice them that much more. If things resume to normal, we may go back to our unappreciative defaults, if we choose to do so.
It's hard to appreciate what we have. Survival has our minds  trained to notice things that go wrong much more than the things that go right, and that creates a blind spot to the consistent good things and people we have. I'm super guilty of it, it's a daily reminder. Gratitude is not like breathing, it doesn't happen on autopilot, but it can be like brushing your teeth, with regular practice, habits can form.
You have the time now, and with that time I encourage y'all to reach out to people that matter. You can easily speak into your phone to remind you to connect with certain people once every few months. The efforts are small, but add up in a big way.
Everything and everyone we have won't be here forever, and that's what gives them value, let's allow people to smell the flowers of our love while they're still here.
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