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Focus on Becoming the Right Person for Yourself

Being alone is a skill. Man, I've done so many desperate things to avoid being alone, and often those acts of desperation have blown up in my face. I had to ask myself "why are you so afraid of being by yourself?" and a lot came up. I was scared at the idea of no one liking me, not feeling good enough, feeling like I didn't deserve the company of others. I was afraid of letting down my parents and not finding a life partner and giving them  cute, but also probably greasy, little grand kids. I was scared I was falling behind on the timeline of life, as most of my friends and baby cousins had gotten married before me (some also divorced; they're one entire marriage-life-cycle ahead of me). Just saying the fears out loud helped a bit. I realized avoiding being alone would make me more lonely, and instead of running from myself, I needed to work on it, and enjoy my own company. Now I go for long walks by myself (and by myself means no headphones or devices either), and I just have conversations with myself and sort shit out. I got too comfortable being with myself, that now I'm working on being able to co-exist with others on a healthy level.  Each of you reading this is either single, spoken for, or somewhere in the grey abyss of "in between" or " it's complicated". Wherever you are, just know that you're a wonderful person, and not everyone will appreciate or see that, and that focusing on your relationship with yourself will do wonders for your relationship with others. #BLESS
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