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Family Photo!

Family Photo!

Family Photo! 
My kid isn't as cute or greasy as everybody else's, but in 5 short years it's had a few makeovers, glow ups, and now pretty much pays most of my bills.This isn't going to be a pseudo-genuine post about gratitude towards #Unlearn's success, this book was a success the moment I released it independently, because of how many people actually make it to the finish line with the books they're writing. Instead, I want to share the valuable lessons I've gained from releasing this book.

This book is a forever reminder that seeds sprout when they're ready, but we still have to plant them first. This book was first released in 2014 (shoutouts to my blue cover crew!) and sold on avg 1-3 copies a day. It wasn't until 2017 did it find itself in bookstores and became a bestseller.

This book is a forever reminder that ALL of our stories are important. You don't need to have some sort of magical qualifications to share your story, it's not a privilege reserved for a select few. Instead, sharing our stories should be seen as a responsibility. We only got this far because someone started drawing their story on the walls of caves to pass down important knowledge, let's all do the same. Plant your seeds.

This book is a reminder that we can be whoever the fuck we want to be. Yes, I rap, design clothes, direct short films and music videos, and I'll continue to do that with the money I made from the success of this book. It's okay to be an artist with a day job, use that day job to fund your art, slowly that art will fund your next project.

Thank you all for rocking with me up to this point, I'll keep working to prove you right. #BLESS

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