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Expect Less, Appreciate More

Expect Less, Appreciate More

It's impossible to expect NOTHING, and as wonderful as it feels, it's difficult to appreciate EVERYTHING, and being so extreme can leave us worse off than we are. This is when the "I ain't trying to be no fucking self-help guru" side of me comes out. Unhappiness is when our expectations aren't met. We can't control if the world will meet our expectations, but we can control the expectations we have. If we transfer that energy in what we appreciate, we'll feel better about ourselves and the world around us. Most often we don't even live up to the expectations we have of others, and maybe that's why we expect so much of them, to ignore our own shortcomings.

The moment I was able to see the relationship between my expectations and how I felt, empowered me to improve my circumstances by reducing my expectations and increasing my appreciation. What's an expectation you can let go of today? What's some appreciation you can increase in your life? Make it real, leave a comment and let me know. #LOVE

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