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Don't Lose Respect to Gain Attention

The times I've been the weakest have been the times I felt like I couldn't be myself. Usually, they were moments when I felt I needed to impress someone or win them over. We all feel it necessary to wear masks to fit in or be accepted, but we don't always think of the cost that comes with doing so. Being anything but ourselves means we have to spend more energy being "on" and that chips away at us in many ways. It leaves us tired, frustrated, and stuck. It also blurs the line between who we are and who we think we need to be, to a point where we head away from figuring ourselves out.

The people we all enjoy being around are the people who we can be ourselves around. Let's spend more time with those people. Being ourselves may not give us the quantity our capitalistic society encourages, but it will give us the quality we all deserve.
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