A new lesson that's been spinning in my mind is that instead of trying to figure things out to make decisions, let's make decisions to figure things out. We can spin our wheels forever trying to decide our next move, or we can just move and let things get figured out along the way. This applies to starting a business, dating a new person, trying a new haircut, moving to a new city, or switching toothpaste brands. Decision paralysis is a waste of time, and we can all agree if we just get started on ANYTHING, eventually, the RIGHT THINGS will be revealed. Being a perfectionist is nothing to be proud of because DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT, and waiting for the perfect time is wasting time. My first book UNLEARN has spelling mistakes in it, and it's still a bestseller, because these little things aren't as important as our mind wants them to be. Let's call our procrastination out for what it is: FEAR. We're afraid of messing up, so we never start. But the truth is, messing up is the best way to get started, because it's the only way we learn. Stop worrying about figuring things out. Nike got it right, "JUST DO IT"

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