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Child of an Immigrant

Child of an Immigrant

Resiliency is in our blood lines, and some modern conveniences have tricked us into thinking we can't push through tough times, but really, we're much tougher than we think. My parents crossed the ocean in their 20's into a country that had harsh winters, racism, and uncertainty, and bit by bit, baby step by baby step, they created a life that allowed me and my sisters unlimited potential to better our lives, and the lives that come after us.
My father had a master's degree back home, but life here only permitted him to drive a cab, so he did. That love for education put the 3 of us kids through university, and in a position to better our next generations. That support put me in a situation to take more risks and get to where I am today.
When I wear this top outside, people stop me and tell me their own stories of their parents, grandparents, and even their own immigrant journey. It's awesome because I meet so many people I wouldn't have even thought were from immigrant families, and this top serves as a bridge that brings us together. Moving to the US is making me an immigrant, and I hope to honour those before me by working just as hard to pave a path for the next generation.

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Leave the flag of the country you/ your parents originated from in the comments so I know you're a real one, and please share your stories celebrating immigrants. #BLESS
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