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Being Around Good Energy is Priority

Being Around Good Energy is Priority

We have this hero complex where we think we're the exception to the rule.
We're not addicted to our phones, it's everyone else. 
We don't get influenced by advertising, that's everyone else. 
We decorate our delusions by thinking we're too smart, woke, or whatever word we want to use.
A big one is assuming we can influence others, without them influencing us. We can have great chemistry, horrible chemistry, and everything in between with people, but it's chemistry nonetheless, and no one walks away the same after we cross paths. There's no shortage of people who need support, we all do, but some of us haven't taken the very crucial first step: helping ourselves.
When you have good energy, you'll attract other good energy, but you'll also attract toxic energy. Everyone is worth helping and even worth absorbing some of that toxic energy, until they're not worth it. My personal rule is to help those who are already helping themselves. People who help themselves are simply people who recognize that their situation may not be their fault, but it is their responsibility. We'll all spend time in the dumps - we'll need to take time to adjust, cry, punch the wall, and wallow away in self-pity; that self-compassion is important. I encourage everyone to take that time unapologetically, healing doesn't speed up for anyone. The next phase is to begin taking steps and finding the power within yourself to move forward, and connect with others who are on the same journey, and support each other.
Having a healthy relationship with ourselves means protecting our ecosystems. It's noble to want to be a breath of fresh air for others, but we have to be mindful of the smog that we're taking in as well. Protect your peace, the more you take care of yourself, the more energy, time, love, and focus you can devote to helping others. Make sure there's something in your cup so you can share that overflow.
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  • So good! Thanks for sharing. I learned long ago that it isn’t a question of fault, simply an answer of my responsibility. <3

    Lisa Van Ahn

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