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My New Dog

My New Dog

It's been 6 weeks since @badbishboogie adopted me, and it's been a unique adventure. 

Boogie isn't the hardest puppy to take care of.. she sleeps through the night, hasn't had an accident in weeks, and sometimes I forget she's here. 

She's been an amazing ice breaker to talk to people on the street, and she doesn't discriminate. She's made friends on our daily walks, from store owners to homeless folks, and it's beautiful to watch her presence just brighten everyone up as they cross paths. 

By daily walks, I mean, her not wanting to walk, and me bribing her with treats. 

She sleeps on my feet as I work, and I can see signs of teething, as she's begun to chew everything, including my toes. 

She joined me on @NBC's a @latewithlilly, and I hope the fame doesn't get to her head.

I think the biggest thing that's surprised me is that I haven't had a moment of regret with her. It's not that she hasn't annoyed the fuck outta me. It's that I forget she's a dog. Having a dog has it's limitations, but having Boogie doesn't. I can't improvise my days as much, but I don't want to. I'm sure I won't be able to travel as easily, but I don't feel that as a loss right now. I've had to say to no to plans because she wasn't feeling well, and it didn't feel like a sacrifice.

Boogie's having her first sleepover with my niece this weekend, and It's subtly stressing me out. I'm not used to acknowledging my feelings, let alone admitting them to other people, and she's been a great teacher to have me do that, with her, and everything else I'm feeling in life. 

Now that we've begun to find our rhythm together, I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring us. 
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