Appreciate your REAL Friends

Money can't buy trust, fame won't give you real friends, and attention from strangers on the internet won't make you feel like you matter. The things we all need will only come from creating REAL relationships with REAL people. This isn't easy, it requires work, compromise, and dare it I say it.. thinking about another person's needs and feelings over your own. We have to pay attention more than we seek it, and healthy relationships never allow themselves to go on autopilot. ⁣

If you already have people like this in your life, then hold them close, and ensure they get tangled in your beard. The older we get, the harder it is to develop these relationships. In a world where we think we have unlimited options to swipe right to our next soulmate or raise our follower count, the real ones will be in short supply, and that's why they'll only increase in value. ⁣

Tag someone who means something to you, and let them know. #BLESS
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