All we got is each other

There are a lot of opinions about what's going on, from people who have never lived through anything like this before (let's be honest, none of us have lived through something like this before), and those uninformed opinions are feeding anxiety, fear, and panic.
Humble The Poet was birthed out of the financial crash of 2008. It led me to make a series of decisions by me that eventually had me hit my own mental health rock bottom, and the tools I learned to build myself back up are the things I share with y'all today. The reason I share that story is because there will be an opportunity to do the same once these storms are weathered (the virus is only Chapter 1 of our challenges, make sure your savings accounts are juicy for Chapter 2). The unique thing about these challenging times is that EVERYONE is impacted, some much more than others, but the fact that we're all in the same boat means we'll all be more successful working together.
That might mean checking in on an elderly neighbour, realizing that you don't need so much toilet paper, practicing social distancing/isolation, or just not spreading stupid fear feeding fake news on social media ( I'm sticking to and We all can make things better or worse at this time, so choose wisely.

We'll always be in between those who have it better, and those who have it worse, so decide who you want to focus on; that will determine your attitude during these challenging times.
During my #UpgradeYourHuman cold training retreat in Utah, I broke down in tears in front of the group, sharing my worries about my 65+ year old parents. Within a few seconds, I was surrounded by a dozen people, all with their hands on me, praying in their love languages for the safety of my family. That's the beauty of these challenging times.

Please stock up for a WEEK instead of a MONTH going forward.

All we got is each other, we can go fast alone, but we can only go far together.
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