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The Farmer's Protest

Change doesn't happen unless ENOUGH people get involved, and we can't force people to care or get involved, so those rare moments they do and they unite and mobilize organically, it's poetic. 

For me, that's one of the most beautiful sights to experience. This year we saw it happen around the senseless killing of #GeorgeFloyd, we saw it with the people of #HongKong, we saw it in Nigeria with #EndSars, and we're seeing it again with the #FarmerProtests. Shit, even the 74 million people that voted #Trump should not be ignored.

Most inspiring, we've unified to stay at home, wash our hands, and keep our distance in the fight against #Covid19.

Unity is immunity to bullshit.

Always support and encourage people's abilities to rise up and have their voice be heard, whether you agree with their cause or not. The world shifts when enough people work together, and in a time where we're more "connected" but more isolated, those rare moments of unity should be celebrated, studied, and remembered in history as our finest moments. 
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