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Never Forget 1984

Never Forget 1984

Can we ever really truly understand war?⠀
until we can put our fingers through the bullet holes?⠀
Smell the gunpowder⠀
and be devoured by the history of misery⠀
it gets to me, thinking bout '84 wondering⠀
Don't these troops got families of they own?⠀
Don't they realize the pain their causing?⠀
listen to the poem⠀
Milk can wash away the blood,⠀
but the stains will remain in the marble of the mind⠀
Only love⠀
can flood the heart⠀
start drowning the hate⠀
suffocate my art ⠀
with the truth, people relate⠀
because if we forget it happened⠀
it gon happen again⠀
like Gaza, Sri Lanka, Darfur & Tiananmen ⠀
write ⠀
off Rwanda with a stroke of my pen⠀
shines at vigils for The Delhi Riots dead⠀
shed a tear, when Blue Stars appear⠀
in my mind, it reminds me⠀
to give purpose to my life⠀
Though Ihare the rage⠀
I do also share the age⠀
with the orphans of this conflict⠀
its so hard to turn page⠀
mamma looks like the widows⠀
lookin out the window, I cant feel the wind blow⠀
its what they been through⠀
is what I see, but Im blessed to never feel⠀
tattered crowns on the grounds,⠀
acoustic sounds drown what I hear⠀
or should be hearing⠀
what Im fearing⠀
is a lot man⠀
its sad that they're lost⠀
even worse if they're forgotten⠀
bodys rotten bulldozed set ablaze⠀
said they came fight the terror⠀
but its all a masquerade⠀
blast away the buildings⠀
shoot the women and the children⠀
drag us by our hair⠀
but dont dare⠀
think well disappear⠀
we gon⠀
pick up the pieces⠀
history teaches ⠀
freedom only exists ⠀
when we can share in it⠀
no more battle drums⠀
let the beating of our hearts⠀
be the percussion of passion⠀
the common rhythm⠀
for the song of hope we all sing⠀
with sounds so melodic and harmonic that we ALL sing⠀
only tears⠀
when the music hits our ears⠀
a fusion of revolution and love makes a clear⠀
tune ⠀
that I hope we hear soon⠀

Singh With Me (2009) w/ @SikhKnowledge
#neverforget1984 #sikh
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